Homemade Desserts

Dekalb,TX, OK

Are you in Dekalb, TX, with a hankering for some down home southern cooking like your grandma used to make, but you're not sure where the place to go grab some of the best lunch in the area? Do you have a sweet tooth that is yearning for some homemade desserts? Look no further than Smith Good Eats, your top choice in local family restaurants and southern comfort food in the area.

We here at Smith Good Eats know the value of good home cooking, and we don't want to say that we do it better than your grandma did, but we do. We are a local family restaurant and have a longstanding reputation as making the best southern comfort food in the area since 2007. We treat our customers as family from the moment they walk in, like you're walking into your cousin's kitchen during the holiday season. We want all of our patrons to feel warm and invited. We have a relaxing atmosphere where you and your family can enjoy a good long homestyle lunch.

We use nothing but fresh ingredients that will bring you the most authentic, mouthwatering southern tastes. So when you have a hankering for some down-home Southern comfort food, come have a look at our menu, we guarantee you'll find something that hits all the right buttons. whether it's hamburgers, mac and cheese, meatloaf, fried squash and okra salad, chicken strips, or steak with mash potatoes and brown gravy; and for dessert, pecan or apple pie.

So if you're in Dekalb, TX, craving an array of comfort foods like your grandma used to make, and don't know where the best place to go is, try us here at Smith Good Eats, we guarantee we have just what you're looking for and can serve it up just the way you want it. We are located in Broken Bow, and we're just a short drive from Idabel, Paris, and Texarkana, TX, as well as Texarkana, AR. Our restaurant is open from Monday through Friday, 7 am to 2 pm.